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Senora  del Pilar Spanish Mastiffs


 Livestock Guardian Dogs


Why a Spanish Mastiff as a livestock guardian?

The Spanish mastiff is the ideal livestock guardian.  Being one of the largest livestock guardian breeds, they are able to handle themselves in any situation but normally never have to as their imposing stature and powerful voice are an effective deterrent to most predators.  They are also a very gentle breed that is excellent with their family and loves children.  They are well behaved with all sorts of farm animals from large livestock to  poultry, even other small dogs and cats.  Best of all, Spanish mastiffs are adaptable to a wide variety of homes.  They are more suited to small hobby farms than most livestock guardians as they are more docile, less energetic, and respect fencing.  Do not underestimate them, however, as they were developed to protect sheep over large open ranges in Spain from wolves and other large predators.  They truly are versatile working dogs!

Why choose a  Pilar Spanish Mastiff?

        Our farm started with a couple goats and some poultry.  We soon realized that the local predators were as excited as we were with our new adventure.  In desperate need of a livestock guardian, we tried other breeds and were not satisfied until we researched and found the Spanish mastiff.  We purchased our first two dogs and were instantly in love.  We needed effective guardians that would stay on our farm and not the neighbors.  We also needed dogs to watch over our large family.  Because we were so pleased with our two girls, we decided to import an impressive young male from Spain.  He has been everything we wanted and more. 


          When buying a puppy from us, you will be buying a puppy from great working lines from the USA and Spain.  Our dogs are raised around livestock and are thoroughly socialized with various animals as well as being well loved by all our children.  If you are looking for a strong, balanced dog to protect your livestock that will also be a loving family pet, look no further.  We will be happy to share our experience with you!

How do I go about getting a Pilar Spanish Mastiff puppy?

Whether you are ready to buy a puppy or you just have many questions regarding the breed, please contact us.  We always love to talk about our dogs and to discuss if a Spanish mastiff is right for you.  Deposits are only accepted after puppies are born.  For details, contact our farm!  If you are ready, fill out an application below.

Be sure to check out the Puppy Page!


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