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Terms of Sale

 We are current members of American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA) therefore we follow trade practices of the ADGA's current Guide Book.


We require a $100 deposit to reserve or hold any animal. We ask that you make a first and a second choice.  We accept 1 buck and 1 doe reservation per breeding.  If your choice of kids are not available or we must retain your choice due to unforeseeable circumstances (to insure those genetics in our herd due to a death of a goat), we will gladly refund your deposit or transfer it to another kid if you so desire. There are no refunds on cancelled orders. When reserving a kid, if you have 1st reserve on the kid, it is yours. We will not keep it because "it looks too nice to sell!" (Yes, we have had farms tell us those exact words on a reserved breeding. The farm retained twin does despite our first choice!) We also will not give your reserved goat to a friend.  Reservations are recorded in the order they are received. We determine what we desire to retain BEFORE accepting deposits on said breedings.

     We welcome first time goat owners and will be happy to help you with your new adventure.  We are very busy, especially during kidding, but will do our best to answer all your questions as well as after sale support.


Deposits and Payment:

 A $100 deposit is required to reserve the kid  of your choice. Full payment is expected at pick-up unless prior arrangements have been made. Deposits can be in the form of money order, personal check, cash or paypal. Please make checks payable to Douglas Dean. The remainder balance must be paid in cash or money order at pick up.  Personal checks will not be accepted for the remainder balance.


Pick up and Delivery:

Kids are available for pickup no earlier than 2 weeks of age and no later than 5  weeks of age. There will be additional boarding fees added to the price of your animal if you do not pick up by 5 weeks of age unless previous arrangements are made.  It is preferred that you pick up the goat in person. If that is not possible airline shipping is an option. All expenses associated with air shipping are the responsibility of the buyer.  Let us know if you require airline shipping ASAP so that we can make the necessary arrangements.


All kids are raised on CAE prevention.  All births are attended and kids are fed heat-treated colostrum and pasteurized milk from our dams.  Due to circumstances beyond our control, we cannot guarantee the health of the animal once it leaves the management of our farm.  For more information on our farm management, please contact us.







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