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Nubian Bucks




State Line Malarkey

AN2126985           DOB: 1/30/2020

Sire: Clarion Balderdash

Dam: SGCH State Line Vesper  2*M


         We are extremely excited to use Malarkey as our junior herd sire this fall 2020 as he goes back to our dearly missed *B Blissberry MW Alimony. Malarkey has marvelous breed character, width, and a loving gentle personality (much like his grand sire.)  It was his pedigree that first lured us to him, but upon seeing his dam in person, we loved him all the more!  His dam, SGCH State Line Vesper 2*M  has the most level Nubian rump I have ever seen and is competition for the best rump I have ever seen (in person) on any dairy goat.   We are looking forward to seeing his first kids spring 2021!

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Sire:  Clarion Balderdash


  Sire:   Blissberry Amen Brutha

   Dam:  Pella's Triple C Leap Frog

Courtesy of State Line Dairy Goats

Dam: SGCH State Line Vesper 2*M


  Sire:   *B Blissberry MW Alimony

   Dam:  SG State Line R Lil'Robin


Courtesy of State Line Dairy Goats


Medlar Meadows Rocketeer

N2122982                                            DOB: 05/10/2020

Sire:  *B Goldthwaite Laertis

Dam:  Medlar Meadows Rock-A-Bye Baby


        We see a lot of promise in Rocketeer.  We lost his mama too soon, but are grateful to have this boy, who reminds us so much of his dam.  Rocketeer is dairy, wide, and level.  We are excited to use fall 2021.

Rocketeer 1.jpg

Sire:  *B Goldthwaite Laertis          

  Sire:  Goldthwaite Ludachris

   Dam: SGCH Goldthwaite Bourbon St. Lady

Dam:  Medlar Meadows Rock-A-Bye Baby


  Sire:  *B Blissberry MW Alimony

   Dam:  Loveland KT My Blue Bonny Baby


 Rocka 12_edited.jpg

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