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Nubian Junior Does



Medlar Meadows Glamour Girl 
(Dry leg)
N2019386           DOB: 2/12/2019
Sire: Autumn Glory Hit the Jackpot
Dam: Medlar Meadows Gifford Girl

(Pictured as yearling)

Glamour girl.jpg
Hidden Rose Maid of Orleans
N2010414P         DOB: 2/21/2019
Sire: Goldthwaite Juan Diego
Dam: Hidden Rose Lily ofthe Mohawks
Glamour & Orla

    Glamour is striking doe with excellent general appearance!  She easily won her dry leg as a kid last year at the Georgetown Fair.

    Orla is a doe that excels in width! She is strong on her feet. Orla was part of our first place Jr. Get of Sire at the 2019 District IV Nubian Specialty.  We are anxious to see our first Juan Diego daughters freshen.     

Medlar Meadows Captain Marvel
 N2011291           DOB: 2/22/2019
Sire: Medlar Meadows Black Oxford
Dam: Medlar Meadows Midnight Lace

(Pictured as yearling)

Medlar Meadows My Bonny Lass 
N2020544           DOB: 3/8/2019
Sire: Goldthwaite Guadalajara
Dam: Loveland KT My Blue Bonny Baby
Marvel & Lass

    Our beautiful Marvel was Reserve Champion at the 2019 Banks of the Wabash Classis and District IV Nubian Specialty!  This girl has the dairy strength, strong feet & legs, and a lovely level rump from hips to pins. 

    There is so much promise in our sweet Bonny Lass.  She was born 9 days premature and sadly not long after we lost her mama, our Bonny Baby.  Lass couldn't be a more perfect parting gift from her dam. She resembles her dam in so many ways, particularly her personality and gorgeous face.  However, we are seeing that she has more desirable dairy strength than her dam.  We look forward to seeing how this girl milks. 

Medlar Meadows Cha-Cha
N2010413          DOB: 3/10/2019
Sire: *B Goldthwaite Juan Diego
Dam: Medlar Meadows Sweetango
Cha & 22
Catch 22.jpg
Medlar Meadows Catch 22
N002019387          DOB: 3/27/2019
Sire: Autumn Glory Hit the Jackpot
Dam: Blissberry Caught in the Act

(Pictured as yearling)

Cha-Cha is one of our largest yearlings.  She is very tall and has a strong front end.  

22 is another Cate daughter that shows lots of promise.  Cate's line is extremely slow to mature, but are worth the wait!  22 is a solid doe that we are excited to see freshen.    

Ante Up.jpg
Medlar Meadows Up the Ante
ADGA # pending     DOB: 3/18/2020
Sire:  Medlar Meadows Black Oxford
Dam: Blissberry Luck Be A Lady
Medlar Meadows Kisses Kopiko
ADGA# pending.     DOB: 3/8/2020
Sire: *B Goldthwaite Juan Diego
Dam: Medlar Meadows Kandys Kisses
Kopiko & Ante

Kopiko is our only Juan Diego doeling from 2020 and she oozes with breed character!  I love her front end and rear leg angulation.  

Ante up was the sassiest of triplet polled doelings from Blissberry Luck Be A Lady. I really appreciate this doe's strength in her feet and legs.  She is an overall a pretty balanced doe. 

Catching Fire.jpg
Medlar Meadows Catching Fire
(Polled) (Dry Leg)
ADGA # pending       DOB: 4/2/2020
Sire:  Medlar Meadows Black Oxford
Dam: Medlar Meadows CaughtRedHanded
Fire & Tootie

Fire is probably our favorite doe kid born in 2020.  She is currently the only doeling that our CaughtRedHanded has ever given us, (along with 11 bucklings!!!) Fire earned her dry leg as a yearling at the 2021 Georgetown Fair! 

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