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LaMancha Junior Does



Manzinita Farm Ziva David


L1798753           DOB: 5-12-2016


Sire:  J-Haven's Livin Dangerously

Dam:  Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Effie

   Ziva was a last minute special surprise when we got her.  We were at Manzinita Farm for a Lamancha buckling and Ziva was offered to us.  Are we ever glad we snatched her up!  Ziva though a lot younger than we would have liked already exihibits  that strength known to the Lamancha breed.  She is very correct having an excellent topline, rear leg angulation, and strong feet and legs.  She also rivals our sweet Tempi for having the best Lamancha temperament! We can't express our gratitude enough to Roseanna Cintron of Manzinita Farm for this special girl!

Medlar Meadows Calm the Storm


L1862273           DOB: 4-3-2016


Sire:  Manzinita Farm Man of Steel

Dam:  Qadosh Adamah Saved By Grace

   Storm is a powerful and stylish kid!  She extremely level across the topline and to the rump.  She stands on excellent feet and legs. 

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