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Guernsey Goats

     We are very excited to be raising Guernseys. Before we purchased our first Guernseys, we had always been intrigued with the breed. The particular breed characteristics that intrigued us most were the long golden coats, high butterfat content, and especially the pasture to milk ratio. We never thought it possible to obtain these beauties until we saw that Teresa Casselman of Six Point Farm was offering Stumphollo Zinnia (FB) and Stumphollo Yetagain (HB2) for sale. We talked about it and then made the plunge! We bought them bred by Snowbird Angelo, but they both kidded with only bucks, Zinnia triplets and Yetagain a single. What happened to beginners luck? The previous year Zinnia had given Teresa quad does. The next kidding they were bred to our new buckling from Washington, PoppyPatch Jasper. We finally got a doe out of each, and some special does too!! We found out that Stumphollo Yetagain is actually polled, despite her being marked as dis-budded on her paperwork because her daughter MedlarMeadow Ruby (BG1) is without question, polled! We are very excited about Ruby. She has such personality; she easily stole the hearts of everyone in the family! She has really shown us the sweetness, gentleness, and beauty of the breed. She shares her sire’s fantastic temperament and we hope she will also inherit his dam’s udder as well.

      Our goals for the Guernsey breed are to produce a structurally correct dairy goat, with high quality milk production on pasture, and most important to us, exceptional temperaments. These goals align well with the unique characteristics of the breed and are what make Guernseys valuable on a homestead. They should be inexpensive to keep with little to no concentrated feeds, gentle and easily handled, and more resistant to the weather with their longer coats. Although not specific to Guernseys, we are also concentrating on polled genetics as that makes them simpler for those who shy away from dis-budding. We have also heard from several sources that polled goats produce more milk! We look forward to investigating that area for ourselves.
      We are also members of the Guernsey Goat Breeders of America, an organization dedicated to promoting this rare breed in the United States.  The GGBOA also actively pursued the American Dairy Goat Association to have Guernseys officially recognized, a feat that was finally accomplished October 2015!  Very soon, we hope to be able to register Guernseys in ADGA as well as be able to enter them in ADGA shows.  For more information about the Guernsey breed, please visit the GGBOA website at the link below.



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