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MedlarMeadow Ricotta

BG000579P           DOB: 3-9-2015



Sire:  Swind PepperJack

Dam:  Stumphollo Yetagain

Guernsey Junior Does



Anchor 15

Medlar Meadows Snow Sweet

E1862648             DOB: 2-16-2015


Sire:  Swind PepperJack

Dam:  Medlar Meadows Poppy's Wonder

      Ricotta is another polled doeling from Stumphollo Yetagain.  She is dairy doe with nice rear legs.  She also has a strong topline, and is one of the most gentle and calm goats born this year.  We are quite anxious to see her freshen for she is our first PepperJack daughter!

      Sweetie is pretty daughter from Poppy.  She has desirable body capacity and a strong front end.  Can't wait to see her freshen!

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